Kids on the horizon is a program which aim is to promote, distribute and facilitate production of films for kids in Poland.


Jill and Joy – Premiere of March in cinemas tomorrow News

The first day of holidays is magical. How else could you name the day, when Jill and Joy find the large sum of money on the street and moments later they are offered by a mysterious lady to buy a house for the exact sum of money. As it turns out the house is a […]

IMAGINATION – Collection of shorts | Premiere of February News

Only people have imagination. It is an amazing skill which allows us to create and dream, it motivates us to act. How can we develop and use our imagination? Is imagination somehow limited? Why do we say: “Fear comes with imagination”? How should we use imagination to be creative? A collection of short films from […]

“Boy and the World” – special premiere screening and discussion News

One week before the Oscars ceremony Polish cinemas will screen Alê Abre’s Boy and the World – nominated for Best Animated Feature. ”Boy and the World” comes to Polish cinemas on 19th February. This extraordinary animation presents the complexity of the world from a child’s point of view. The film was made by using several […]

2015/2016 premieres. Best films from Kids Film Festival News

From December till June best cinemas in Poland will screen the selection of films from 2nd Kids Film Festival. During those seven months everyone will have a chance to experience the internationally recognized films – original feature films, engaging animations, long and short films collections. Kids On Horizon premieres are not only wise and funny […]

The End and the Beginning films for kids pro

The end of the 15th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF coincided with the conclusion of the first edition of FILMS FOR KIDS.Pro. It was a long journey, full of inspiring and thought-provoking experiences. 12 scripts for films for children are almost ready. Any moment now their authors will apply for co-financing in their countries – Norway […]

Films for kids.Pro during 15th t-mobile New Horizons Festival in Wrocław films for kids pro

  27 July – 1 August 2015, during the 15th T-Mobile New Horizons Festival in Wrocław, workshop participants will meet for the third time to polish the newest versions of their scripts and work on ideas for producing their films. The session’s highlight will be a showcase of projects held on 29 July at 10:00 AM in […]

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